For our first blog entry, we would like to introduce everyone to Coyote Flaco in Williamstown, MA. This Berkshires town is small and cozy, tucked away in the far northwest corner of the state. Williams College, a top liberal arts school, dominates the town center, which has a couple of restaurants and an edgy, hip coffee shop Tunnel City Coffee (unfortunately no photos of the coffee shop – maybe we should go back).

But outside the city center just off of Mohawk Trail (Route 7) we found something unexpected: some of the best Mexican food in Massachusetts. No joke. Having lived in Arizona for a number of years, I personally have been spoiled (my GBFB partner is a Townie) with authentic Mexican foods and drinks and quickly found myself in despair after moving to Boston when I couldn’t find a place that measured up. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found that place. Coyote Flaco is it.

Let’s start off with the margarita offerings. There are quite a few. I had a Patron margarita while my GBFB had a house margarita. Both were generously sized and delicious, as you can see. Perfect portions of tequila with everything else.


Then there was the food. We came incredibly hungry, having just hiked Mount Greylock that afternoon. We sat in their outdoor, shaded patio, and the waitress brought out fresh tortilla chips and salsa immediately. We devoured them. Instead of ordering appetizers, we ordered entrees with a side of green plantains. Green plantains are fairly rare on Boston menus (with Casa de Pedro’s in Watertown being a notable exception). Cooked until they were soft, almost melt-in-your-mouth with a slight hint of blackening, the unseasoned plantains rivaled the ones from Case de Pedro’s, and came with a dipping sauce as shown.


For the entrees, we were both hungry beasts and ordered enchiladas, myself the “Enchiladas Rojas” with a red sauce and my partner the “Enchiladas Oaxaca” with a mole sauce. Both came with beans, rice, and guac. The refried beans weren’t too salty nor too dry and the rice had typical seasonings, but was not overpowering. The enchiladas were built with homemade corn tortillas thin enough to soak the juices of the sauce and meat (perfectly moist), but not so thin as to break apart flimsily. They were stuffed enough with meat and cheese that I ended up not finishing mine, despite being famished earlier. Obviously this meant no dessert, but looking at the dessert menu now, the apple chimichangas sound delicious.

Enchiladas Rojas!
Enchiladas Oaxaca!

The owner is a nice gentleman from Mexico, and of course we mentioned to him how pleased we were with the meal. My only criticism is that the salsa seemed like more of a basic recipe compared to some of the salsas I’ve had elsewhere, but delicious nonetheless.

Prices, being in the Berkshires, are very reasonable compared to Boston prices. Next time we are in the Berkshires, we will go back. You can find info about the restaurant here.

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  1. These platters look DELICIOUS!! Especially the enchiladas with the mole sauce. It’s so hard to find a good mole sauce, but I am always on a quest to do so! I usually only eat seafood when I’m in the Boston area, but if I ever get my fill of lobster (ha!), I know where I’m heading for some good Mexican. 🙂

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