I’ve been to Bedford Farms enough times (probably too many) that I feel I can speak with some authority on this, although I haven’t had the chance to bring my GBFB partner, aka my husband. Keep in mind this article is about hard ice cream (we don’t typically eat frozen yogurt).

Chocolate with chocolate sprinkles!

Let’s start with the portions. Definitely larger than anything you get in the city, for the amount you pay in the city. Flavors: the classics are all good here (vanilla, chocolate, etc) and natural (no artificial flavors like we’ve had at some places). Being a chocolate lover, I take the taste of chocolate ice cream seriously. The chocolate here is made with real cocoa. Rich enough to satisfy a chocolate lover, not so rich that even a chocolate lover couldn’t eat the whole cone. Consistency: definitely on the creamy side. Certainly creamier than most places in the city. As a true dairy bar should be.

Chocolate Walnut Fudge!

Recommended flavors: chocolate, coffee, vanilla, coffee oreo, oreo, mud pie, muddy river, mint chip, maple walnut, Mississippi mud, pumpkin, and last but not least the chocolate walnut fudge. If a flavor isn’t listed, it’s probably because neither I nor anyone else I know has tried it.

I recently organized an ice cream social at work, and of course went with Bedford Farms (convenient location). They have 3-gallon tubs of many flavors available, with whipped cream and other toppings available. When a coworker and I came for pick up, the order (multiple 3-gallon tubs) was available without delay and the person behind the counter helped us load our car and provided napkins, spoons, and cups. Needless to say, the social was a complete success. All of the ice cream was devoured by the end.

I have also ordered an ice cream cake from them. You get to choose two flavors and a center (something with fudge), with sprinkles on the outside and fresh whipped cream on top. My cake consisted of oreo and chocolate ice cream with fudge and oreos in the center. You can see below how tasty it was:

Oreo and Chocolate Ice Cream Cake!

They also have pies. While I don’t have a photo, the oreo pie tastes divine, consisting of oreo ice cream with an oreo crust and a mountain of crushed oreos on top. It might even be better than their cakes.

Key takeaways: Bedford Farms offers creamy goodness and excellent service. They have three locations: Bedford Center, Concord, and Burlington. Their website with listings of flavors is here.

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