Since my husband and GBFB partner is a Massachusetts native, he tends to know about all of the great places to eat outside Boston, especially those south. One such place is The Farmer’s Daughter in Easton, MA.

My husband has been there with his family multiple times; we’ve gone together three times, and I’ve always been impressed. The first time I ate the Brioche French Toast with a side of turkey sausage.

Brioche French toast with turkey sausage!

The photo doesn’t do it justice, but the french toast must have been 2.5 inches thick. What really made this dish was the honey-cinnamon butter. The honey and cinnamon were perfectly balanced and complemented the toast and maple syrup without overpowering the other flavors. The turkey sausage was sized more like a turkey burger patty, and the side includes two of them. Having had plenty of turkey burgers in my day, I know full well that turkey can end up bland and dry if not prepared properly. These turkey sausage patties were anything but bland, having soaked up the apple and onion flavors. Not too moist, not too dry, I could see myself ordering the turkey sausage again, this time putting it between a couple of hash-brown waffles or a biscuit with cheese and eggs. Farm to table sausage biscuit sounds pretty good as I write this. But I digress…

My husband had the Benedict waffle and you can see below what that looked like. He devoured the whole thing.

Benedict waffle!

His parents had the Farmer’s Choice breakfast. If you want a good, wholesome, classic breakfast with fresh ingredients, order the Farmer’s Choice. Again the pics aren’t great, but you can get an idea of what it looks like below.

Farmer’s breakfast, half-eaten!

The second time we went there, I ordered a bit of mix and match: a pancake with some of the maple ham. No photos, so you’ll have to take my word for it that the maple ham came in a good-sized portion with very little fat on it. It was thickly-sliced.

The third time we went was on Labor Day. You’ve seen these photos on Instagram, but here they are again. The breakfast burrito was almost as large as a Chipotle burrito, filled with rice, eggs, beans, cheese and salsa, and came with salad. My husband ate the whole thing and didn’t complain of hunger until long after lunchtime.

Breakfast burrito!

I ordered the Blueberry Mascarpone Waffle. The blueberry compote stole the show. I’ve had similar compotes before elsewhere – this one had a perfect consistency and the blueberries were obviously fresh.

Blueberry waffles!

We also ordered a side of sweet potato hash. Having now tried three different sides, I thoroughly believe you could make an exquisite, fulfilling meal with just the sides alone. The hash featured cubed sweet potatoes with bits of ground turkey and diced peppers and onions. Well balanced in terms of flavor between sweet and savory.

Sweet potato and turkey hash!

Finally, they offer a variety of coffee drinks, teas, and hot chocolate. My husband usually gets a cappuccino, and I usually get hot chocolate or tea. No photos yet of the hot chocolate, but it’s freshly prepared, not from a packet, and with plenty of fresh whipped cream.


Key takeaways: it’s worth saving room in your stomach for the sides. Come in expecting a gourmet breakfast, and leave happy as a clam. The Farmer’s Daughter is located in Easton, MA.

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