For our latest review, we’re going to go all out with Atlantic Fish Company, located on Boylston!

A little bit of background for the rest of the post: our first visit to Atlantic Fish was in August of 2017 (sorry no photos). The weather was perfect that day, sunny and not too hot. We chose to sit in the outdoor patio area (the last outside table available!). We ate some of the best seafood we’ve ever had: the lobster fra diavolo included good-size chunks of lobster and the sauce was chunky but not too spicy. My GBFB partner (aka my now husband) ate one of the day’s fresh catches with extra lobster ravioli as a special side. What really did it for us though was the service: our waiter, a young guy, knew the menu inside and out and could accurately describe each dish. To top it off, he told us which wines paired well with which dishes, and didn’t bug us too often.

Fast forward a year. My now husband and I wanted a small, intimate, low-key wedding with just immediate family. We didn’t want to do a catered dinner and have to arrange all of that (we’re both very busy professionals, and to be honest, I never fantasized about my wedding when I was a girl). I realize that most of the people who will read this blog will want or have had a traditional wedding, but let’s be real, they’re expensive. We wanted to splurge on the honeymoon in England¬†(and we did, as you will see in later posts).

In other words, drum roll please, we wanted to have our wedding dinner at a really, really, really good restaurant. Plus I wanted my parents to have some good seafood, having flown in from out of town. Having remembered the experience from a year before, we instantly chose Atlantic Fish as the place to eat after exchanging our I do’s. A very close second though was Il Capriccio in Waltham, where we went for a combined birthday/finishing grad school celebration.

Our dinner reservation was at 5:30 and we were seated in the back of the restaurant. Again the attention by the wait staff was outstanding. When we got there, my husband and I decided that instead of having just glasses of wine, we’d get a bottle. Because why not? The sommelier noticed immediately and made a good recommendation for us based on what we like. The rest of our party ordered drinks as well. Once all of the drinks were brought over to the table, it came time to order appetizers. For appetizers, we ordered: the lobster crab Louie, the bacon wrapped scallops, the calamari, and the chilled shellfish platter. All of the food was well-presented, and of course, fresh. My favorite was probably the lobster crab Louie – Atlantic fish provides good portions of actual seafood meat, and this was no exception. Check out the pics below:

Bacon-wrapped scallops and calamari!
Raw platter!

My husband’s brother wanted us to get the shellfish tower, but it retrospect it probably would have been too much food given everything else we ordered. I bet it would have looked spectacular though.

For the main courses, almost everyone order something different. While I didn’t get photos of ever dish, I did photograph mine and my husband’s. I ordered the lobster risotto. The chunks of lobster were huge. You don’t normally get that much lobster at other places. The risotto itself wasn’t overly rich (read: too high in calories), and if it weren’t for the fact that I knew I was getting cake afterward, I would have eaten all of it.

My husband ordered the sea bass. As you can see below, it came blackened and large-portioned.

Sea bass with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts!

I can’t remember what everyone else ordered. I know my father ordered the lobster ravioli and said it was perfect. My husband’s father order the captain’s platter and my husband’s brother ordered the fish n’ chips. Both plates were scraped clean.

Fish n’ Chips!

We ended up not ordering dessert, because they were kind enough to let us bring our wedding cake there. They were even willing to but slices for us and serve it. The only part I feel bad about was that the main waiter struggled a little bit to cut the cake (it was an ice cream cake because I like ice cream and that’s what I wanted for my wedding more than anything else). If anyone from Atlantic Fish is reading this, sorry about that.

Key takeaways: Overall, the wedding dinner was one of the best of our lives, and Atlantic Fish definitely pulled out the stops to make it extra special. Impeccably run, superb wait staff, and of course delicious, fresh seafood. Atlantic Fish is located on Boylston Street in Boston.

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