If you are interested in collaborating in any way, please use our contact page. So far, we have worked with one up-and-coming local company, Great White Salsa, and two local restaurants: Tu Y Yo and El Potro Mexican Grill. Check out some of the work below:

For Great White Salsa, the goal was to get the company name and product out there. Since they are a salsa company and Massachusetts is football nation, the perfect Instagram post included chips and salsa, mentioning the Patriots game that would be on later that day. Here is the photo:

To follow up and keep momentum going, we held a giveaway for three salsas later that week. Here is the photo:

Tu Y Yo is an established restaurant near Davis Square. The goal was to highlight the food. Here is the first post:

We also ran a giveaway for them. Here is that photo:

El Potro is a local chain with four different locations. We again did an initial post:

And a giveaway: